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Sheepskin Pet Mat

$30.00 - $90.00

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Sheepskin Pet Mat:

They love you so love them back! Make a special place for your furry friend

Our Pet Mat's are a handcrafted patchwork of Australian A-Grade sheepskin that your pet will immediately enjoy


Sheepskin Pet Mat Features:

Australian Made by Two Sheep

A-Grade sheepskin breathes & keeps your pet comfortably warm in winter & cool in summer

Water & odour resistant double face sheepskin

Handcrafted patchwork design

Machine washable


Available in Size:

Small - approx. 40cm x 60cm

Medium - approx. 70cm x 90cm

Large - approx. 110cm x 90cm

X-Large - approx. 110cm x 140cm


Available in Colour:

Natural - Natural sheepskin colour

Checkerboard - Dark coloured & natural coloured alternating squares

Multicoloured - Variety of different coloured squares


Please note:

Made in Australia by Two Sheep