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Westhaven UGG Boots – Australia’s best:

For over 40 years, Westhaven has handmade fine quality sheepskin UGG boots & over that time we have supplied our quality product not only to Australian customers but all over the world including, the USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, France, Germany, Russia & China.

About our service:

Our aim is to meet the expectations of our customers in terms of quality and prompt, professional & friendly service.

We aren’t a large corporation but instead an average sized business focusing on our amazing supported employees, our quality products & our excellent customer service.

Most items are available from our workshop and will be shipped within 24 to 48 hours from order confirmation. Where an item is not in stock and had to be made, your order may take an additional 2-3 days to dispatch. Where there is a delay we will advise you.

Where did the UGG boot come from?

The origin of the UGG boot is a little obscured by time. Some say it was worn by Australian First World War pilots to combat the cold of their flimsy, open cockpit planes. Others say that it began in Australian shearing sheds of the 1920’s. We do know that in the early 1960’s when the surf craze began in Australia, surfers picked up on a basic sheepskin boot which they wore casually around the sands of Australia’s fantastic surfing beaches.

Whatever the origins, the UGG boot has become an iconic Australian fashion item.

UGG’s have come a long way from their humble origins, now with hundreds of different styles & colours available on the market. They are seen as a fashion item for many people and for others a practical & comfortable way of lounging around and keeping their feet warm.

Westhaven picked up on the UGG craze in the early 1970’s and began production of a limited range of Australian sheepskin UGG boots and has carried on making fine quality UGG boots & sheepskin products for over 40 years.

What is Westhaven?

In the early 1950’s a young local medical practitioner Dr. Brian Dickens was seeing many parents with children with intellectual disabilities and was concerned that there was no support structure in place for either parents or the children. The good doctor along with a group of parents and dedicated locals determined that these children that did not fit within the structures of the conventional education system needed a special school where they could feel free to exercise their special abilities and learn at a pace more appropriate to their needs.

With outstanding community support, the Westhaven Association was established in 1957 and the first Westhaven School for children with intellectual disabilities was opened, making Westhaven one of the earliest such facilities in Australia. Interest in the special education school grew and many parents from around the region wanted to send their children to Westhaven, thus creating a need for a hostel to accommodate children from hundreds of miles away.

As the children progressed into their mid-teens there then emerged a need to find employment for them and so the first Westhaven “sheltered workshop” was established to provide meaningful training and employment support.
Westhaven is governed by a board of directors compromising of a mix of trusted business persons who are experts in their fields.

What is Westhaven Business Services?

Today, Westhaven no longer operates as a special education school and the “sheltered workshop” concept has been developed into a multi- faceted Westhaven Business Service providing supported employment for many adults with disabilities.

We’ve come a long way. Our employees participate in our community and fulfil many government contracts throughout the region.

They are employed in numerous business activities including yard maintenance, secure document disposal, mail-house services, timber products manufacture, car detailing, commercial cleaning & the production of our world famous sheepskin UGG boots.

Where are Two Sheep products made?

All Two Sheep for your Two Feet footwear and other Two Sheep products are made from Australian Sheepskin in our workshop located in Dubbo, Australia.

We may advertise products that are made by other Australian businesses or that are not Australian made however these products will be noted accordingly.

Where is Dubbo?

Dubbo is a thriving, major inland city right in the heart of country NSW, Australia. Initially wheat growing country, today fine quality sheep of mixed breeds are grazed on a range of pastures and native grasses to create some of the World’s finest quality wools.

Why Australian Sheepskin?

There is nothing like real Australian sheepskin for comfort, softness & durability and so we ONLY use genuine A Grade quality sheepskin. There is no artificial, sheepskin fibre used in any part of our boot production.

What are the benefits of Australian Sheepskin?

Two Sheep uses only the best A Grade quality Australian Sheepskin which has many advantages to its users.

With millions of tiny fibres, wool traps air making it a natural insulator – warm in winter & cool in summer. It is ideal in footwear, bed underlays, clothing & rugs and has been used for centuries around the world. Although the wool pile may flatten over time it does not lose its warmth or comfort qualities and may be washed to retain its original appearance.

Unlike artificial fibres used in many cheap imported products, genuine Australian sheepskin does not smell from foot odour after a short period of use. Wool can absorb more than 30% of its own weight in moisture compared to cotton which can only absorb 8% of its weight and artificial fibres much less.

Australia is known world-wide for its quality wool and sheepskin, a product which is grown over a wide part of the Australian continent.

Are you really Australian made?

ALL Two Sheep for your Two Feet sheepskin products are made 100% in Australia.

That is why we have been approved to carry the prestigious green and gold “Made in Australia” label, something which we show with pride.

What’s the difference between imported & Australian made UGGs?

One word: Quality.

Imported UGGs are either made from very poor non-Australian sheepskin or comprise of a teased artificial fibre that is bonded to cow or pig hide outer layer to give a “sheepskin” look to the product.

Care also needs to be taken with cheap products that are fully artificial and sometimes (illegally) described as “lambskin” or “sheepskin” on their label.

Artificial wool substitutes are often coarse & ‘wiry’ to feel and may be itchy, do not wear as well as wool, do not breathe or keep the feet fresh so that after a short time they may begin to generate a sour smell from foot perspiration.

The natural properties of real Australian sheepskin & wool allow the inside of the boot to breathe, remain fresh and retain its bulky, warm appearance and feel.

Imported artificial sheepskin boots will often fall to pieces within one season of wear. Real Australian sheepskin UGGS will (with correct care) last for many years.

There really is no substitute for real Australian sheepskin UGGS.

Are you able to call them UGGS?

Yes & No.

An original Australian creation, the UGG boot has been made by dozens of local Australian manufacturers for many years including Westhaven Two Sheep for your Two Feet.

The large American corporation “Deckers” claimed that in 2004 it had outright ownership of the UGG name and began pressuring Australian manufactures, including Westhaven Two Sheep to cease using the term UGG under threat of legal action.

“Australian Made” stepped in & supported the much smaller Australian manufacturers when “Deckers” took legal action against them in court; reasoning that UGG was a synonymous, generic term used in Australia to describe a type of sheepskin boot & no one particular company or individual had ownership of the name in Australia.

Thanks greatly to the help of “Australian Made” & with our fellow manufactures we won our case against “Deckers” in the Australian court, meaning that within Australia an UGG boot is an UGG boot. However through a position of financial strength, “Deckers” now have legal ownership of the UGG name in other parts of the world and in these locations any product not made by “Deckers” will need to be referred to as “sheepskin boots”.

Why should I buy Two Sheep UGGS?

Our aim is to provide our customers with a quality Australian made product at a competitive price. You will find that our prices are in line with other Australian sheepskin manufacturers & given the quality of our service & our products they represent very good value.

Sheepskin is a natural product which has a variable availability, mostly due to the negative impact of drought and other natural conditions. These factors influence the price we must pay for the A Grade materials we use.

We aim to maintain consistency in our product pricing but may from time to time need to vary prices.

Remember that when you purchase a Two Sheep product you’re not only gaining a beautiful, handmade item your helping to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities.

How do I contact you?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding Two Sheep products.
Phone: 02 6882 4100